The Men Of Black and Gold

ChaseHollis26 April 15, 2012 0
The Men Of Black and Gold

Written By: Chase Hollis (@chasehollis26)

It was a great night at the art center for the men of Black and Gold also known as Alpha Phi Alpha Inc Philadelphia chapter. The night was filled with laughs, bonding, food, fun and entertainment and Eagle Eye Entertainment was there for it all. The men of Black and Gold put together the a beautiful show at the Painted Bride Art Center located at 230 Vine street in Philadelphia. The event included show stopping performances from start to end with local philadelphia talent including singers and poets. The performances were so good that it had the audience begging for an encore. The event was held as scholarship benefit for future undergraduates students and pledges to the fraternity that’s would enhance the mission, vision and the brotherhood of Alpha Phi Alpha.


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