Chase Hollis

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…Chasing his dream, sharing his soul…

Chase Hollis; an individual who’s chasing his dreams while sharing his heart and soul with the world…

Born Robert C. Spaulding from the West Philadelphia area, Chase Hollis knew from an early age that music was his passion. During his younger years, his mother, Carol Chambers, realized that her son had a passion for entertaining. As a single parent of four, Ms. Chambers always found herself paying keen attention to Chase’s special charismatic skills especially when he would sing and dance while she engaged in her Sunday morning cleaning. During these “entertainment sessions”, as Ms. Chambers refers to them, Chase would gladly perform a choreographic routine to a song that he previously recorded from MTV.

Chase loved performing, as singing and dancing was a natural raw talent that seemed to be a part of him innately. While in grade school, Chase’s classmates called him a showstopper because he would break out in song no matter where he went or whom he was around. His love for singing earned him the playful nickname (by family members) “the microphone-fiend”.

Chase performed at showcases and entered talent competitions all throughout junior high school and high school; many times walking away with first prize. He went on to study audio production at the Art Institute of Atlanta. As a student, Chase recorded and produced music for some of the college’s visiting bands, including Brian David & Plain Spoken Folk, an international group called Rua-6, and an R&B band from Portugal. But Chase didn’t stop there; in 2012 Chase started his own Music production called Eagle Eye Entertainment. As founder and CEO of the company Chase writes, produces, and creatively engineers both products and branding initiatives.

Chase Hollis is not only chasing his dreams but he is putting in the hard work and dedication needed to make his dreams come true. He sings not just because God blessed him with the ability to do so, but also because he believes that God gave him the ability to connect with every listening ear that hears his voice. Music is an inseparable part of his life; it is a reflection of his soul that breathes life into every song he sings.

Chase has the talent, education, skills, ambition, and drive…to make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He has songs across an array of genres including R&B, Reggae, and Pop. His style is something that the music industry craves.

Chase Hollis has music in his soul and will continue chasing his dream until he is known worldwide!

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